Thursday, October 25, 2012

A moment in the life

Today is the birthday of the sister z"l of friends of mine. She died last year after a long battle with breast cancer.

Today is the birthday of a friend of my sister's. My sister z"l died two months ago after a stunningly short battle with breast cancer.

My friends created a book to help their sister's children cope with their mother's ongoing illness. That book went to press today, on their sister's birthday.

 My sister's friend posted a picture of a beautiful card her daughter hand-wrote and gave her for her birthday. I don't have to tell her to cherish that.

It breaks my heart that there are children who will, God forbid, need the book written by Hadassah Field and edited by Sarak Mosak Saiger, "The Cancer That Wouldn't Go Away" (

 It breaks my heart that my niece and nephew will never be able to see the pride and tears in their Mommy's eyes when they would have given her a birthday card written in a child's love-filled scrawl.

Today is just a heart broken day.