Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pleased to make your refrigerator

Everyone who has tried to learn another language has their major gaffe story. My favourite came from one of the aliyah lists I'm on: A woman confused the word "mishcafayim" with "michnasayim." Mishcafayim means glasses. Michnasayim means pants. She told someone, "I didn't recognize you with your michnasayim on."


Mine today wasn't so bad. In Hebrew, there are two different words that mean "know." To know something is "yodea." To know someone is "makir."

And the word for refrigerator is "m'karer."

So, yes, I refrigerate him very well.


Arlan Wareham said...

For a long time, I had trouble remembering the difference between "michnassayim" and "mishcafayim", too! :-)

I'm enjoying reading your blog, having found it after reading your article on Aish.com.

We made aliyah two and a half years ago from California to Tsfat. I kept on online journal for the first year or two that we were here, including during the war of 2006. Then I took it down for a while. However, I recently started a new blog, which you can read at:


Morey & Alissa said...

Welcome! And glad to hear you're enjoying the blog.

We learned a word today that is also similar to "michnasayim" and "mishcafayim" which is just going to add to the confusion ;)