Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy anniversary

Dear Israel,
One year ago today, you promised to take me in your arms and keep me safe. You promised to give me a home like no other. You promised me the freedom to be myself.

I promised to love you, and be on your side, and defend you. I promised to do my part to contribute to our relationship, and provide strength and sustenance.

You've lived up to your promises. You've given me a beautiful home, shared your wonderful friends with me, given me great opportunities, let me explore your beautiful nature. Yes, I know you're not perfect - you can blow very hot sometimes, and that's no fun for either of us. But that's okay, I promised to take the good with the bad, knowing there really isn't that much bad.

You never promised me that it would be easy with you, but you've made it much easier than I expected. You've supported me so much this first year, helping me adjust to our new life together.

Your family has welcomed me with open arms, not seeing me as someone from somewhere else, but as new family - just another person to love and embrace. Which leaves me so inspired to embrace family members even newer than I.

You've taken me to the beach, to the snow-capped mountain, to the desert and to your beautiful, ancient hills. You keep sharing your tremendous treasures with me - every day is a new discovery.

There are so many sides to you, even after decades, I could never discover them all. You can be stubborn and stiff-necked. You can sometimes make bad judgements. You can sometimes succumb to temptation and give in to corruption and hate. But this is a small part of you; your capacity to hold and love everyone is amazing.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for living up to your promises. I hope I can live up to mine.

Happy one year anniversary. I do love you.


Dr. Rona Michelson said...

Mazal tov!

Arlan Wareham said...

Really beautiful, Alissa! Thanks for sharing it. :-)

I feel the same way about Israel after having been here now for three and a half years.

Dena Page, M.Ed., CBA said...

Wow! What a beautiful love letter! So glad you feel that way!

RabbiR said...

Thanks for the blog--we are making aliyah this August and your words got us even more excited!!

meira said...

I am on the crest of my Aliyah, in late September. It is now so real, and I cannot wait. Your letter was just another gift in my journey,
Mazul Tov!

blj said...

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and happy anniversary. Making aliyah in September and as I have been telling my friends, so thrilled, I could just burst. Yes, the preparations are grueling, but the anticipation of a future in the holy land keeps me going. Shabbat Shalom.

Altmans said...

Thank you for all the nice comments! And to those of you who are about to make aliyah - b'hatzlacha and we can't wait to wish you a "bruchim habayim!"

Lori said...

just read your blog! we just celebrated our 1 week anniversary! your words brought me to tears and the understanding and confirmation of why we have also made aliyah and are not looking backwards..only forwards to our new HOME! thanks.