Thursday, December 17, 2009

You shuk me all night long

Why is my Blogger page in Hebrew? Ugh, so annoying. But I'm davka leaving it like that so I will get used to "hee-ca-ness" instead of "enter site"

Anyhoo - I was supposed to go for coffee this week with my friend Kate. At the last minute (okay, two days before) she suggested we go to the shuk* in Ramle. Now, I've heard of the shuk in Ramle, but I thought, how on earth could it compare to the shuk, Mahane Yehuda, in Jerusalem? Other than being 15 minutes closer with free parking, that is. So, I'd never bothered to go. Here's a ready-made opportunity to check out this so-called shuk, and, because we'd be bringing Kate's 5-year-old daughter who needs a car seat, have someone else do the driving!

I'm not a foodie, the Health Inspector would generally prefer that I not cook, and it's well known that I'm not a fan of shopping. However, I love going to the shuk. There's something about the stalls, the colours, the vendors yelling out their specials, the nutty things you can find (literally and figuratively - from yapping stuffed dogs [why would anyone want one?] to walnuts, pistachios, almonds and hazels) that I just enjoy. There's also some comfort in knowing, having sensory issues, I'm not the only one overloaded.

Can you believe the size of that squash?

I managed to buy cucumbers and a bottle of creme liquer (yes, cukes for someone else and booze, while Kate bought practically her entire Shabbat meal), and Kate's daughter, the Divine Miss M, did a wonderful job of keeping me distracted in the meat store so I didn't have to look at the chicken carcasses with the feet still attached. *shudder*

We found a beautiful veggie stall with an English speaker, and I made a nice new Arab friend, Eyab, when I bought the liquer. I didn't get any coffee, but I got some delicious chickpea concoction that was like an inside out falafel ball, and a honey-dipped, fried thing just for Chanukah. And had a great morning with some friends. Oh yeah - and I got a lovely, but questionable salad recipe from Miss M, who is apparently obsessed with red peppers. And knows what lemon zest is! What 5-year-old knows that?!

I now know where the Ramle shuk is and where to park, and you can be sure I'm going there again. Thank you, Kate!

*shuk = market. Lots of stalls crammed together in a small space with great prices, great food products, lots of colour and lots of noise


Miriam said...

Going to the shuk is fun and you can save money also. We have a great shuk in Netivot. Unfortunately it is only a one day a week shuk [Tuesday].
Shopping in the shuk takes patients, especially if you are looking for bargins.

Shabbat Shalom
╚╩╩╩╬╩╩╩╝חנוכה שמח

Alissa said...

Miriam, I love the Chanukiah :)
חנוכה שמח to you, as well!

TWINGLE said...

Occaisionally I venture to Ramle Shuk and since they opened the 431 its even closer if I find parking. You are right Great Shuk and fresh produce. If you have time a wlk along Herzl street can get you sailing in Ottoman Territory.
Ever tried Lod Shuk I did on a Tuesday and that was an experience especially for my American friends whom encouraged me to take them...

Alissa said...

Twingle, I was fascinated as the bus drove aong Herzl, and I've wanted to go back and walk it. I didn't know there was also a shuk in Lod; I'll definitely have to check that one out, too! :)