Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And on the third day

Actually, it's only the second day, but Frenchie has risen again! Turns out, something did hit the car - in the fuel filter. So what I thought was oil spilling all over the road was, in fact, gas.

You're welcome, Modi'in.

Our mechanic, Oded (who is somewhat of an automotive celebrity here in Modi'in. I think he even has a fan club.) was able to get a new part the next day, and we picked Frenchie up last night. He seems none the worse for his little adventure; I actually think he secretly enjoyed it. Oded showed us the fuel filter, and the gash in it is pretty impressive. The mind boggles at what could have caused it.

The mind also boggles at how close we came to major disaster. Oded said we have such mazal (luck), because an inch or two either way and the whole fuel system could have been shot. Mazal tov!

In the end, optimism was warranted. Frenchie is home, pretty inexpensively. The cherry on top of our automotive sundae is, after all that, where I thought the car dumped a whole tank, we actually only lost half a tank of gas!

You're welcome, Modi'in.


Rona Michelson said...

Sorry about the bad news, but happy about the good. Happiest that you were able to find someone reliable to fix it!

Alissa said...

Oded's been awesome since the day he was recommended! He helped us find the car, so he has a vested interest in keeping it running ;)

Jay Z said...

Wow. You were sitting there on top of a fuel puddle? If that were a movie... Boom! (Maimo would have then rescued you, of course.)

Mazal tov!

Alissa said...

Because I was on a slight incline, the fuel puddle was actually flowing away from the car, down the street. Y'know, towards the sewage drains.

Hee, I have visions of a dog taking a mouthful of my sweatshirt and dragging me away from the about-to-explode-car. Not Maimo, of course. He'd take off and be sitting at park, waiting for me to come get him.