Thursday, June 19, 2008

Apostate, Apropos, Apes, what?!

We interrupt our reminiscing to discuss an important topic: Apostilles

Apo-what you say?

Yeah, that’s what we said, too. In order for our lawyer to act on our behalf, she needs a Power of Attorney. Perfectly reasonable. A simple form that needs a notary signature.

For most countries.

Israel needs an Apostillization - basically, a notary on our notary - for our PoA. Problem: Canada doesn’t do Apostilles. Long story. Google “Apostille Canada” if you really want to know.

Solution: An Israeli government representative can “authorize” the PoA.

Problem: The only Israeli gov’t rep in Canada is in Toronto.
Problem #2: We’re leaving Vancouver in 3 days.
Problem #3: The Consulate wants us there in person.
Problem #4: We’re not in Toronto, we have no plans to be in Toronto, we have no way of being in Toronto.

A possible solution - according to the Israeli Consulate - might be to have the notary “authorized” by the Law Society of BC, but they’re not even sure about that. Then we would send the forms to the Consulate in Toronto.

Problem: While we’re waiting for someone in Toronto to authorize our PoA, we could lose the apartment. We’ll be on the road, travelling to Ottawa and won’t get there until the end of next week.


And I thought it all was going so well....

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