Monday, June 30, 2008

Homeless. Not homeless. Or somewhere in the middle

So Friday morning, in the middle of East Podunk Ontario, we stop for gas and suddenly, the cellphone, which has not had service for the better part of Canada, rings. It’s our wonderful new friends in Modi’in, Jeremy and Kelli. Letting us know that they called our future landlord just to check up on things.

And letting us know that they discovered that, despite having a contract and a deposit, our (former) future landlord had rented our (former) future apartment to someone else.

Four days before the end of the month.

Every try to find an apartment four days before the end of the month? Every try to find an apartment four days before the end of the month on the other side of the world?

We are so blessed to have Jeremy & Kelli, because with the help of another friend, Rachel, they found us a new apartment. It’s not really convenient to anything, but it’s a nice place, it’s cheaper, and most importantly, the landlord has promised not to rent it to anyone else.

Now we just need to find two guarantors who can come to Modi’in to sign papers. And get the Israeli Consulate in Toronto to send the papers today that they said they’d send last week. And get someone to drive us to Syracuse, since we can’t rent a car in Watertown, so we can get to Pennsylvania to see my family. And repack all our stuff so it will fit in the allotted four cases we have. And all the other things we need to do.

Anyone remember me saying that I couldn’t wait to get on the road, where the only thing I’d need to worry about was where to get gas and where to spend the night?

Yeah. I hear you laughing.

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jonsmith20850 said...

Seriously? Rented your apartment? ARGH!