Thursday, June 26, 2008

Google maps vs Reality

Totally uneventful day. Until the end, of course. We left 1.5 hours later than we planned, but still made good time. In fact, our Google-estimated 14 hour trip took us 12 hours, including one lunch stop and two gas-n-pish-toss-the-ball-for-the-dog stops. We left Brooks at 9:30am and arrived in Falcon Lake at 11:30pm. But that’s 14 hours, you say.

Ah, it only seems like 14 hours. We went through two time changes, so we left at 9:30am Alberta time and arrived at 9:30pm Alberta time, 11:30pm Falcon Lake time.

The problem is, Falcon Lake is a provincial park, not an actual town, so the only hotels are lake resort hotels. The front desk guy (the bartender) let us sneak in Maimo, and gave us a break on the $130/night room, because the next stop was Kenora and that’s a long way away and we just couldn’t go anymore.

Actually, we could have gone further. Maimo had had enough. Poor little guy. He is not happy. He can’t sleep in the car, so he’s not getting his naps and I think he gets a little carsick, so he’s not eating.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, when I say, “There’s a Days Inn in Steinbach, 10 minutes off the highway. Should we stop?” the answer is always yes.

Ottawa arrival is looking like Friday. We have to make good time, because I don’t want to be spending Shabbat in Wawa, Ontario.

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