Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's sugar time!

Sugar. Israelis love it. Especially in their cereal. And they don't mind paying the equivalent of about $5 or $6 for a small box of it to kick off their morning.

I, on the other hand, don't do well with sugar. Sugar and I haven't gotten along well since our big row 20 years ago, where we didn't speak to each other at all for 4 months. Gradually, little by little, I let sugar back in, but for the most part, we only see each other on Shabbat. Occasionally, sugar drops by for a surprise visit during the week, but I try not to let it happen too often. I don't want sugar to get any ideas.

But now, in my quest for an Israeli breakfast cereal that a) doesn't break the bank, and b) isn't granola, sugar has practically packed a bag and moved in. I cannot get over the amount of sugar that is in every single cereal. And not just plain sugar - oh no, plain sugar isn't enough. The innocent looking cinnamon wheat cereal I bought has chocolate in it! The even more innocent looking puffed something cereal I bought next? Chocolate! For cryin' out loud, people! No wonder Israelis are always screaming at each other; everyone's on a flippin' sugar high.

For various reasons, I need to start my day with a benign bowl of something oat-y. For obvious reasons, I don't want to start my day with a bowl of hot oatmeal (just the perfect thing for a 35-degree day!). For fiscal reasons, I don't want to go to the store that specializes in American products and pay nis 28 (about $8 or so) for a box of plain Cheerios.

A big thing here is find people who are moving to Israel and try to buy space on their lift for a package or two. Or sometimes a refridgerator. Maybe I should buy some space for a couple of Costco boxes of Cheerios.


Al said...

Hi Alissa,

How about hulled [or pearled] barley? You can cook it up the night before and eat it cold. A bit chewy but very nutritious. One cup dry can probably make enough for 2-3 breakfasts. Very inexpensive.

If you can find barley grains, then you can probably find oats too. Check the Arab stores?

Alissa Altman said...

Barley grains and oats are available all over here, no need to check Arab stores.

I thought about porridges. But I just can't bring myself to eat cold porridge yet. When it's colder, oats & barley & quinoa porridges are tops on my list! I'll just have to keep looking for something for the hot months.

Thanks for the suggestion Al!

mother in israel said...

Found you through aish. We take instant oatmeal and add fruit and milk/yogurt. My favorite is mango and pomegranate. I'm with you on Israeli cereals.