Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mazal tov!

For those of you who know her, yesterday afternoon on top of the Yeshivat HaKotel/Wohl Centre in the Old City of Jerusalem, on a gorgeous afternoon overlooking the Kotel, Cigal married her Beshert (intended, soulmate, meant-to-be), Yitzchak. Cigal looked so beautiful, and so happy, and even after fasting two days in a row (Sunday was Tisha B'Av, a fast day, and traditionally, a Jewish Chattan - groom - and Kallah - bride - fast on their wedding day, until the meal when they have their first meal together as a married couple.), the smile never left her face.

Cigal and Yitz were intending to get married in Toronto, but that's not what G-d wanted for them, so in less than a week, a full wedding with reception, flowers, band, photographers and benchers (Grace after Meals prayerbooks) was put together. Amazing teamwork by the couple and their wonderful friends. Right after the reception, Cigal and Yitz took off for the airport to finish the celebrations with their families in Toronto.

It was a wonderful day and great fun, and Morey was honoured with the first bracha (blessing) of the Sheva Brachot (seven blessings) under the Chuppah (marriage canopy). And leave it to Cigal to come out of the deepest, darkest day of the Jewish year, Tisha B'Av with an incredible simcha (joyous event)! We are so happy for Cigal and Yitzchak; we wish them many, many years of happiness together, b"H. We were so blessed to be there.

And that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't made aliyah.


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