Monday, August 25, 2008

Your opinion is requested

Oh, I know you're desperate for more "I hate the bus system" stories. Don't worry, I have more, but I thought for a change of pace, I'd ask for your opinions. We have a lovely white wall unit. It comes with knobs that are white and sort of disappear into the unit, making it look smooth and unified. I happen to have a handful of brushed nickel doorknobs that I thought might look lovely on the wall unit doors.

So I tried both. I can't make up my mind. On the one hand, I like the unified, smooth look of the "disappeared" doorknobs. On the other, the shiny knobs give the unit a more sophisticated, less Ikea look.

What do you think? Feel free to post your opinion in the comments or email me.

With white knobs

With silver knobs


Jay said...

Maybe you could alternate every week or month?

It's a tough call. I lean more towards the silver knobs.

Alissa Altman said...

I'd go with alternating ever month. It's a real pain to unscrew all those knobs.

Isobel DeSantis said...

My vote is for silver too .. very classy.

Alternate is also good! lol

Isobel (ignore the DeSantis part :P)

Morey & Alissa said...

Yeah, Izzy, you'll have to explain *that* one! lol!

Daniata said...

The silver looks good... but the white blend in and you've got the "no knob" effect.