Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home. B'bayit.

(We don’t have internet yet, but there’s a reeeeeaally weak signal that we can barely pick up from our mirpeset (balcony) if we hang over the rail. Which is interesting when you’re holding a laptop and trying to type...)

(This was also typed on Friday, but we only got a signal this evening.)

Pamela, Cigal and Jeremy and Kelli were at the airport to greet us when we arrived! The welcome celebration has obviously been scaled down a bit after 32 flights, but it was still a rip. The line-up of soldiers forming a cordon for us to walk through, the music, the people yelling - the noise was tremendous. But the best part was being able to hug my sister/friends and know that they were welcome home hugs, instead of the usual, “so great to see you for the next couple of weeks before you leave” type hugs.

The speeches were, well, speeches, except for the speech from the family who sponsored the flight. They sponsored this flight in honour of their father, and when the son spoke, it was very emotional.

Of course, we almost ruined it, because my sister’s cellphone was ringing and she could not find it. She was taking everything out of her bag, and because she has a silly ring, we were laughing, then when she couldn’t find the damn thing during this hugely touching speech, we practically split a gut. Thank G-d she found it just before the son got to the really emotional part.

Then the guests were kicked out, we desperately tried to find Maimo and our luggage. Maimo was fine, just a little shell-shocked. And the poor little guy must have kept his legs crossed the entire trip because he peed and peed and peed and peed when Morey took him outside. He eventually calmed down, and became the star of the party again when all the kids found him.

We eventually found all our luggage and settled in for the long wait for a taxi. Because we were the only ones going to Modi’in, and it’s so close, they left us for the end. The very end. Typically, we were the very last ones to leave the airport. The Nefesh b’Nefesh staff even left before we did.

Jeremy, Kelli and Pamela had gone on ahead to our apartment to turn on the A/C, so they were there to greet us when we finally arrived. Hanging off our mirpeset, leaning over the Israeli flags they had hung up, they hollered a greeting to us. I would have taken a picure, except the batteries died on the camera. Of course.

Our apartment is really cute, with beautiful views and an incredible breeze that blows straight through, keeping it pretty cool. And the view of the sunset last night from our livingroom was stunning. We’ll appreciate it even more on Sunday night when we’re actually awake for it.

We tried to take care of some errands, wound up at the mall for lunch (pick a restaurant! They’re almost all kosher - Chinese, wraps, falafel, pizza!) then to the bank and cellphone, which we couldn’t complete, because we’re not in the government system yet, and if you’re not in the system, you can’t get a bank account, and if you can’t get a bank account, you can’t get a cellphone account, etc., etc., etc…

We got home and were very very very tired. And our feet HURT! Standing in the airport for 4 hours in the morning before departing, then standing on flight-swollen feet for 4 hours waiting for luggage, then walking all over town - owie. We’re better today, but after sleeping all night, I got up had coffee, ate a bit, then literally was struggling to keep my eyes open, so I went back to bed for 4 hours. Hopefully I can sleep tonight ;)

Now we’re about to get ready for our first Shabbat as Israeli citizens in Israel. Jeremy & Kelli arranged for people to host us, so we have nothing to do but enjoy. Shabbat shalom!

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