Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aks-sent-choo-ate the positive

So the table we were going to buy was sold to someone else (why does that keep happening to us??), but that’s okay, we found another really nice one. We went shopping for a fridge and a bed, but came home with a diningroom table. As many of our friends have pointed out, we can sleep on the table and store our food under it. It won’t stay fresh for long, but…

It didn’t take long though. We went back to Yishpru (that bus is reliable!) the other day, and finally decided on a fridge. And the salesguy gave us a great price. And, amazingly, even though he said it would take a week to 10 days, it showed up today. It looks nice, but it’s even nicer to have a real, working fridge. And after 8 years of living with a barely working, ancient fridge, it is so wonderful to have a brand new fridge. And wonderful neighbours who take us to the really cheap supermarket (where no bus has gone before) so we can fill said new fridge.

We still need a bed though. We went to cousins David & Beth’s last night for dinner in Jerusalem, and figured we’d spend the day in Jerusalem looking for a bed. Then we remembered we have a dog.

We’re so used to being tourists in Israel and being able to go anywhere for any amount of time; we actually forgot for a moment that we live here. And Maimo is here. And Maimo can’t stay home alone with no pee break for 12 hours. Which is how long it would be when you factor in taking the local bus to the Jerusalem bus, then our time in Jerusalem, then all the busses and connections back. So until we know our neighbours well enough to ask if they can take Maimo out for a pee break, it’s either the day in J’lem or dinner in J’lem, but not both.

But we did have a lovely time with David & Beth and family! It was very cool to see them, and know we can do that anytime!

Anyhoo, there’s a long tedious story about a lovely evening we spent with more new friends, but I’ll leave that for later. We had a lovely time with the friends, but a hellacious time getting there, and then getting home. You can thank Connex at the “we love you Connex” party we’re holding next month. Not.

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